What is the aKoma Beta?

This is the first public build of the aKoma storytelling platform. Our goal is to provide a functioning product out as quickly as possible to a select group of users for rapid design and feature iteration, specifically to members in Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, North America and the UK. We want to build aKoma as we go along with our audience, thus our private beta. As we all know, with beta products there will be features missing, and some aspects are not fully designed out yet. However beta participants will have a product that delivers on the core reading and writing benefits.

How do I create an account?

You can access aKoma by signing up with your Twitter or Facebook account. The first time you sign up, we will receive a notification, after which we will activate your account.

Can I write on aKoma?

For the beta, we are providing the writing tool to a handpicked group of users as we continue to develop the platform and add more features. In the coming months, we will open up the writing tool to more users.

What devices does the beta work on?

The aKoma platform was designed to be responsive with a user interface that presents well on smartphones, desktops, and tablets with recent grade web browsers, in our case Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

How do I write on aKoma?

On any page, click on the “Write” on the top right of the page.

Type in your headline, which we encourage to be smart and interesting to attract attention from the aKoma audience. It is not mandatory to upload a header image, however stories with images are known to do better with readers.

Type in the body of your story, and hit finish.

On the next screen, you should type in a summary of your story. You can then save to drafts, continue editing or publish to aKoma.

What editing and styling options do I have?

As you type your story, you can select the text you want to style and add the following - bold, italics, underline, blockquotes, header and add web links. You have the option to do these even on a story that has already been finished.

Can I share my story on social media?

Yes. You can share your story via Twitter, Facebook and email only for now.

Who owns the rights to my story?

You do! However, by using the aKoma platform, you acknowledge that we have the right to use and share your story on other platforms, and promote aKoma using your story.

My friends on social media are not part of the private Beta, can they read my story when I share it?

Yes, they can. You can share the story on Twitter, Facebook and email, and your followers will be able to read it. However, if they are not part of the beta test...after reading your story, they will have to request access to the beta in order to continue to enjoy the fabulous content on the site.

Can I get help aKoma to help me write and upload images?

aKoma was designed to make it easy for you to compose your story and add an image to your story. If you find that you need help with images, send us an email aKoma@akomanet.com

Can I embed video, or music or third party content on aKoma?

At this moment, the aKoma platform is only for written content. We plan to add capabilities for multiple images, audio and video content during the beta. Stay tuned, you will be the first to know. 

Is there a size limit to the pictures or a word limit to the article?

There are no word limits for writing. Let it rip. We only allow you to upload one hero image per story. 

What if a feature on aKoma is broken?

Hopefully, the features that you can see on aKoma are working at this stage, but feel free to give us feedback at akoma@akomanet.com if you have any problems.

Can I provide feedback on the user interface?

We have designed a simple, minimalistic yet fun interface for aKoma, and continue to work on a user interface and user experience that will knock your socks off. of course, we do welcome any feedback on the user interface. Please feel free to leave feedback at akoma@akomanet.com.

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