I read the famous Beat writer Allen Ginsberg's poem today entitled 'America'.  Do read or listen to it. It inspired me to write my version of 'America' using his tone and stream of consciousness literary format. As an American, a Muslim, a Kenyan, I have something to say today to America.  This is personal. Some of the thoughts here are an amalgamation of the views from articles, headlines and personal and political themes I've absorbed today.  I've tried to capture the mood at this historical juncture in our lives. 

America I have admired you and now you look ugly naked

You’ve destroyed the values that made you

I can’t stand your hate speech

America, why could you not see the evil that lurks within you?

Go fuck yourself with ‘taking back the country’

What you really mean is white supremacy,

Whitelash toward a black president and trashing his legitimacy

You had me defending you, and you disappointed

America you’ve given us Brexit 2.0

America you have given us Trumpistan

America don’t confuse Iceland with ISIS land

27 years after the Berlin wall came down you want to build a wall

America you’ve torn down your own greatness tonight

You have opened the doors to misogyny 

Is this how Jews felt when Hitler won?

I am Muslim, I am American and I am African and I am afraid

You want me gone

How dare you turn the Land of the Free into history?

How dare you turn the Home of the Brave into bigotry?

America when will you see, the world wants your leadership?

When will you be worthy of your constitution?

When will you treat immigrants as equal?

When will you smash that glass ceiling?

Why didn’t you inspire?

America why can’t you appreciate the dignity of your first black President?

America I feel sick

Your democracy has burped up a demagogue bent on destruction

Russia was a shadow and you are its dark arts puppet. 

The French Revolution gave us the guillotine

This American Revolution has given us Giuliani and vitriol

In this popular uprising America, you have strengthened forces of hate.

What do we tell our children this morning?

That racism, unpreparedness and lying succeed? 

How is he going to learn when it seems he can’t read?

How does he govern us with scorn?

Sexual predators can reach the highest echelon of office.

I have gone online to check on immigrating to Canada.

Please give us a new TV show to escape this reality show

America I am nervous now that a narcissistic sociopath holds the highest office

I was ready for the country to charge forward

But not like a bull in a China shop 

America I feel sentimental about George W. Bush!

I want to hug Hillary Clinton

America I feel ashamed to be American

I have sat and stared at the map of a country I thought I knew

America I recognize that I do not know you any more.

Who are you? 

Every mainstream media organization, pundit and pollster got it wrong

They failed us.  America you are a failed state.

I prayed tonight

I’d better consider my options

I can’t even think about the wrecking ball that will hit the Supreme Court  

America you have been a bastion of beauty and elegance to me

Of open minded and open hearted people

I fell in love with your phenomenal creativity, your can-do spirit, and your entrepreneurial flare

America you are flawed but have always been fearless

We will mourn

And then we will fight for what we believe

One day, we will make America great again.




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