Worry in a time of sofa sets

Nothing satisfies someone more than the words" I made it." There are isolated cases of people who are petrified of success, of actually making it in life or achieving something of meaning. I used to be such a case: purposefully failing tests because the concept of success was just too ominous and complex to comprehend; how success is not quite finite. However, that is a story for tomorrow.

This is the story of a coffin. To be specific, a rich man's coffin. I recall this story from a book I read in high school ( in retrospect, it was probably a passing joke made by a friend but let's go with the book narrative). This story's moral is not definite.  

There was once a rich man who had dedicated years to improving his life and that of others. Contrary to popular belief, he was not as stingy as the well-known Grinch but I digress. He was well-loved in his community and many sang of his praises. However, as he approached his golden years he began to fear " approaching the light of faith" and he began to make hasty preparations for his death.Honestly, he should have been more invested in obtaining a pension. He invested his time and money in funeral expenses including the decor and coffin. He insisted on only the best and had employed a group of qualified but unscrupulous men to dig his grave. Occasionally, he would tour the grave site and criticize them for being either too slow or for improper measurements of the site which left them disgruntled.

One stormy day his employed gravediggers declined to come to work under the excuse that they were too tired and the weather conditions were unfavorable. This proved to be partially true as some of them had agreed to meet later on that day to get tipsy at the local pub. The rich man fumed over their absenteeism for a while before going into a panic. What if the rain ruined his grave?! Determined to preserve the fruits of his labor he rushed outside to the grave site, located near his house for proximity reasons I will not delve into here.

As he approached the gaping hole he let out a cry of anger as raindrops rolled down his cheeks. The grave had not been dug to approximate measurements and was one foot short. Hands akimbo, he peered over the edge before slipping on a patch of mud and toppling into the the open graveyard. He promptly hit his head and died. One day later his body was found. He had got his wish at last. Moral of the story...

There are people out there who believe that they have made it and so they must rest on their laurels. Then they develop paranoia when they realize that death is peeking around the corner and they start to go into a rush to accomplish what they were supposed to do when they were on a sabbatical. Life is not a television series where you go on a hiatus and resume it in summer of 2017, life is motion. You can slow it down, ask for help when it gets difficult or cry at how unfair it is. What you should not do is put it on hold under the belief that there is nothing more to accomplish. In the end, majority of fear the ignominy of death. But are we really living? You can be a treadmill or you can be a sofa set. One is motion and a healthier lifestyle and the other is mostly movie marathons and junk food. There is nothing necessarily wrong with a sofa set but for me it's an accomplishment and not an excuse to stop moving forward in  life.

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