Who am I?

There is a story told of the son of king Louis XVI of France. The king had been imprisoned and those currently in power had kidnapped his son. They came to the conclusion that if they corrupted him he would never realize his great worth as a future king in the event the king was released.

They introduced him to rich foods that would make any Kenyan slobber and unbutton their shirts. Doing this, he would become a senseless glut. He was placed in the company of lascivious women, lied to and exposed to language that would curl the toes of the pope. This treatment took place for half a year yet the boy never once changed his morals or pleaded surrender. He  didn't even become a blubbering wreck. When they had all but given up with their wicked plans they asked the boy why he had not given in to the endless supply of material goods: the pomp,the power. The wee lad replied: " I can't because I was born to be king!"  * drum roll please*

As the days tick down to the upcoming General elections, fear mongers have been spreading a grim tale of the Apocalypse. Stock on food, pray to your God, leave the country; they say. I am an idealist but in no way am I ignoring the possibility of violence. However, it remains just that- a possibility, not a reality. We had a peaceful last elections, what is so hard about that now? The sudden deaths of high-profile Kenyans has not made this any easier for us.

Everyday, I ask myself the question of who I am. Am I the instigator of violence, the fence sitter, the ignorant? I believe that I am a king in my own right. Like Mumias, who was seen as a great leader. It is my job to try hard to conduct myself in such a way. I am not going to accept the stupidity of going to war because I did not get what I want. How will that change the outcome of the election? I try not to be a child when I do not get what I want. It tears me inside to be denied and hungry to achieve things but goals and accomplishments have a time and a place. 

There is also the matter of tolerance. I may incur hatred by saying that I do not want Trump impeached. I want to see what this controversial figure will accomplish by the end of the year that those who came before him did not. I want him to succeed for America just as I want whoever comes into power come September to succeed for Kenya. 

Who are you?

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