When in Pursuit of Happiness. 

Once I was seated in class, listening to my professor. He is a man of many tales. There we were munching on peanuts and drinking soda, the life of a class of 3 you know. As we drifted between the course plan and random tales, he said "my girls, you might end up working in a bank. Many Anthropology majors do!" Giving out a hearty laugh, he must have really found it funny.

Suhana wanted to be an archaeologist, Mwendwa wanted to be a development practitioner. Me? I just wanted to escape the sociology class! And the fact Anthropology was a discipline of actual true life tales was a bonus. So I sat there in shock, thinking about me and numbers. We have never been too kind to one another. Numbers do not go down well with me, i fail to see the music, movement, joy, fun, adventure in numbers. When i see numbers my soul is blank, my mind is shackled, i can't move, i can't think, i can't innovate! Numbers! Damn, numbers why did you have to be that to me?  Listening to my amazing professor I knew I couldn't survive in a bank setting. I know I can't work 8-5. I know, I just know! I know some careers are a "kill me quick" scheme for me, it's not rocket science. I know I can't settle on a career because I need to pay my bills, or buy a car or buy a home. My peace of mind and happiness is worth more than what the world presents has happiness.

But every day, at the bank, at the coffee shop, hospital, mall, and the streets, I meet too many souls who have settled. Settled for a girl they didn't even like, settled for a man because he is the only villager with a car, settled for a job they don't like.

We all know these "settlers", the waiter who angrily drops your meal on the table, the government official who disappears from the office months on end, the wife who hates to go home at 5pm, the husband who winches when he gets a phone call "I hope it's not mama watoto" he thinks. The banker who is always upset at 8am, 10am, 4pm, staring down at you like you are a bother.

Winning in life needs you to settle for what you deserve not what the world tells you, you deserve. Does it make sense? You will not win if you settle for what's convenient and comfortable. Strive for what makes you happy, what you are good at, makes you have a good time, what you love and makes you wealthier by the minute. Just find a balance of all these things then settle for that and nothing less than that.

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