What is WikiLeaks' Price?

As the saying goes, every man has his price.  WikiLeaks & its founder, Julian Assange sure do seem to have theirs as well. 

A day before the Democratic National Convention, back in July, WikiLeaks released leaked e-mails of the Democratic National Committee.  The e-mails suggested that some within the DNC were not big Bernie Sanders supporters, and that they probably tried to sabotage his campaign as well.

WikiLeaks' timing of the releases shows that they were intended to do damage -- as proved by the immediate resignation of the DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Personally, I thought she was a terrible chair.  But that's besides the point. The point is, Julian Assange is using his website to settle personal scores.  Assange does not want a Clinton presidency, he has made that clear.  In a July article, the New York Times reported that Assange "suggested that he not only opposed her candidacy on policy grounds, but also saw her [Sec. Clinton] as a personal foe".

Assange would much rather prefer an "unpredictable" Trump presidency to that of Secretary Clinton's.

Today, WikiLeaks released more leaked DNC emails which are proof that pay for play does exist in American politics.  

Today's leaks come after it was reported that Julian Assange is to face questioning from Swedish authorities over rape allegations that were brought against him by two Swedish WikiLeaks volunteers.

Clearly, Mr. Assange is on a personal vendetta crusade.

"WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption."

Citizens need a sense of transparency from its governments, so what WikiLeaks did by publishing the leaked DNC emails is of great societal benefit.  It's highlighting the corruption that exists in the US government.  But the timing, the sequence, and the uniqueness of the relationship between Julian Assange and the Obama administration & Mrs. Clinton is a cause for concern.

Mr. Assange is using his power to influence a foreign election, with no care in the world whatsoever that this might lead to an "unpredictable" Donald Trump presidency, who Sec. Colin Powell referred to as an "international pariah" in another set of e-mails that were leaked today.

Mr. Assange is showing that he is in it for himself.  WikiLeaks' price is to fuel its founder's ego and that is troubling!

Edward-Mekondjo Nailenge is African by birth, but a citizen of the world by choice. He is an opinion writer at aKoma.  He can be reached at edward.mekondjo@protonmail.com

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