What Could it Be? ... Is it in our why?

Ever wondered why we would?

Perhaps wondered why would we?

Is our why the basis and driving force of what will influence, involve and impact on a nation’s mindset  in the next 100 or so days?

 Will our Why determine what it is? Determine what it could be?

Will our why enhance the impact of what it is?

Why don’t we ponder on this but for a moment? ...

When we ask why the mindset, (be it our individual mindset, or our national mindset), have we a well-founded answer capable of withstanding varied and diverse opinions?

Why would we do what we do?

Why would we carry on?

Why would we carry on doing what is, as is?....

Why is it that, what is, is what we pursue?

Why is it that, what endures is what is, as is?

 Ever wondered why?

Are the tenets proposed by Tony Robbins (noteworthy and Inspiring Personal Influence Coach), instrumental in shaping our why?

Is our mindset’s why shaped by our physiology? By our references? By our belief system? Our experiences? Possibly by Our Mental Strategy/Syntax/Program?

Why would we as individuals, as institutions, or as a nation move towards or away from the pathway we’re on?

Is the pain we are experiencing too much to bear if we continue down the path we’re on?

Are the pleasurable opportunities on the pathway proposed enticing enough to draw us in?

Did not Einstein state (and here I paraphrase), that, “Insanty is persistently pursuing the same, yet expecting results to the contrary?”...

Why then do we?

Could we be insane?

Simon Sinek in his Golden Circle proposition indicates that, well founded and influencing approaches begin with addressing the why.

Do we have a good solid why capable of influencing our Nations, Regions and Continents mindset?

Is the why great enough to influence the pathway we opt for?

Would that why have you and me so much so involved, that, like the over a quarter of a million people who marched with Reverend Martin Luther King Junior on Capitol, (on that historic day way back in August 1963), we would have the conviction of actualizing our individual and national dreams?

Like Martin Luther King Junior Would we have a Dream?

Why would we?

Is the why the basis and driving force of what will influence, involve and impact on our nation’s mindset  in the next 100 or so days?

Perhaps the Why is the shaping factor of what it could be. 

Perhaps you have the why?

Just what could it be?

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