Image: Textural Designs.

She slowly woke up to find the sunlight creeping towards the corner of the wall. The gorgeous wallpapered wall with a mesmerising embossed triangular design on matte white, reflecting tiny sparkles across the room.

She lay on her side, with one pillow beneath her left cheek, and another she hugged, hoping it would somehow make everything go away.

Such soft, white pillows.

Her back was aching. After standing for 9 hours in her strappy new heels the small of her back ached rhythmically, reminding her of what ancient African drum beats must have sounded like.

Today was a bad day. 

She was facing the big floor to ceiling windows, still in her stockings and skirt. Her heels lay where she had thrown them- right next to the plush blue chair that was adorned with a square red cushion that looked just right against the chair's blue and that sea of white.

How did they find that chair?

The carpet was speckled with large silver and pink sequins, with the three towel swans she had found arranged on her bed swimming in a heart of burgundy rose petals strewn across the room.

Rose petals? Not again...

The concierge had asked whether Jack would be joining her later. They’d been booked into the deluxe room with that special half board package he had found it on Ticket Sasa- The Love Package.

Cheesy much? And these boutique hotels… always trying so hard just for a tweet.

She slowly stretched, revelling in the softness of the white duvet against her bare arms, wincing when her bra bit painfully into her ribs. She sat up, slipped off her bra, and walked towards the windows.

Look at how tiny they look, all the way down there.

She peered down and watched as minuscule people scurried back and forth in front of the hotel, and she remembered how the little ants used to pop as she burned with a magnifying glass back home. But that was ages ago.

Hmmm... Like popcorn.

The buildings all around cheerfully reflected the setting sun, glinting as the evening dusk set in. The city made her feel like her own small slice of adventure just about to begin. 

They’ll be downstairs soon… It's time.

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