‘To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries’ 

The approach to being completely hooked on the stress that comes with it all can’t possibly be for the best, so I grabbed the opportunity to travel and tightly held on to it. Travel and you may find a fresh, better perspective than the one you’ve currently settled for. Off to Mauritius. Mauritius is a tiny African (720 sq.mi) Indian ocean Island that many people have fallen in love with over the years. I joined the club in 2017. 

"Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius."

I cannot start this off better than quoting Mark Twain, that also happened to be quoting an Islander back in 1896; first premising that this quote has been vastly used on various platforms to describe Mauritius. I still decided to adopt it as it was fairly consonant to a large percentage of my time in Mauritius. 

The Food. The Ocean. The Hike. These are the three things that stood out for me. Why three? Because three is a magic number and at one point as a child you might have ‘innocently’ felt like it was only you, your father and mother in this world - but then again - three can start to feel like a crowd. There is no actual reason behind the number, but we can agree that three months is sufficient amount of time for one to test the waters. I know you see what I did there. Mexican wave? How is that what you possibly got from any of what I wrote. Never mind.

Food! You need it! You simply can’t live without it. Is food more important than oxygen? For some people it probably is. The Paninis, Briyani and Rotis I had in Mauritius would have had me loudly proclaim food as the victor; with a straight face and a stuffed mouth. The Rotis are tout! Be sure to try tout that your health and lifestyle permits you. These foods shall forever have consent to my taste buds. Forever? As in forever ever? Yes. Forever ever.

I lived in the northern part of Mauritius - in a village known as Grand Baie. It has a beautiful beach and incredible restaurants overlooking the ocean. Once the ocean captured my attention, I knew I’d never get it back. There are many ways of employing the feeling the ocean gives to you but I have no space to describe. I will merely mention, as a point of reference, that a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Just Look at it!

Gabriel Island

We have all had to climb a mountain or two, and inasmuch that speaks to the ‘started from the bottom now I am here’ double entendre - it has to be said that hiking in Mauritius was exorbitant joy. I should have paid for this hike. The best things in life are indeed free! 

Le Pouce [Moka Range] Peak - 2664ft

Other notable activities included but not limited to Zip lining, exploring the capital [Port Louis] and its incredibly rich creative scene. I also had the immense pleasure of learning a bit of Creole. Just a little bit. 

Merci Mauritius!

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