• It is Election Day in the US which is over 8000 miles away from Kenya but seems like Kenyans are also voting. Their emotions are flying and their love for the American politics is huge if Twitter and Facebook are to tell the story.

    #USADecides is the new language here at home.

    Here is the American Election in Kenya!

    Early on Tuesday morning, an election is held deep in Kogelo village in Kisumu county Kenya. Clinton wins this one

     ‏@robinnjogu @HillaryClinton wins in mock elections in @BarackObama's rural Kenyan village of Kogelo #USADecides #KogeloDecides

    Atanas ‏@atanasi_ USA will be the first super power country to Elect a woman to be a President, a lesson to the whole world. STOP MALE CHAUVINISM #USADecides

    ‏@julius6za Please America vote for Trump, My uncle is stuck in the US and Trump is the only one who can depot him, we need him home #USADecides

    @ba_nga_  USIU students, vote for Trump, if he wins he may shift the University from Thika road to Washington DC #USADecides #KOT (USIU – United States International University)

     @Danns_Obari Presidential candidates 've 1 thing in common No one knows, they already know the winner, voting is a formality. #USADecides

    Some believe that trump and Raila (The leader of the opposition in Kenya) share a fate in power politics ‏@kim_yoanakim  If Trump wins Raila will Win the Next Poll #USADecides

    One Nduati Mambo (On facebook)  Says…. Nduati Mambo..... Trump is trumping all the way to white House. Lucy Njau is angry with him and tells him off calling him ‘an enemy of development’ Lucy Njau......Mambo Nduati ushindwe kabisa. Adui wa maendeleo wewe... But Mambo moves on…. Mambo Nduati..... He (Trump) is a true representation of the American.

    Kinyanjui (On facebook) believes that many Americans will be rebelling against Obama's eight years in office Kinyanjui Georgie Kinyanjui -------Simply. Quite a number of Americans feel short changed by Obamas administration, from Yes we can to Change we can Believe in but nothing has really changed in their lives in fact they are paying more in terms of taxes, health and education. Most can't afford vacations and nice dinners, they feel frustrated and don't want to continue with this 'Administration' for another 8 years! Trump is not a politician and that is what he is selling and he might get the presidency easily.

    @ddnabuka  America made history by electing the first Black president, now its time to make History to vote in the FIRST LADY President #USADecides

    Just like in the US, Kenyan’s opinion on who should win and actually who is winning is divided across the middle and so I say, let the best candidate win.

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