'Umushyikirano' What excuse do you have?

The Rwanda National Dialogue ‘Umushyikirano’ is one of the initiatives that have seen Rwanda grow from just a landlocked country to a conference and ICT hub of the East African region. The country’s biggest event brings together all Rwandans from different areas of the country with the policy makers, civil society and Rwanda’s friends to discuss ways the country can become better.

In Rwanda, this is not just a conference or platform, for many, it is a life changing platform as decisions are made, questions directly asked, problems listened to and solutions found. That being said, the principal aim of this discussion is to evaluate Rwanda's achievements from the last few years and plan for the future. This is done by the citizens and the leaders of Rwanda.

This years’ meeting was chaired by the President focusing on the Rwanda the citizens wanted to see in the future. But who doesn’t want to see a better future for his country. Moving around the country covering stories has given me a sense of admiration for my people. The people of Rwanda do not just want the roads for themselves, the clean city for their children but they want to see the clean roads for the children’s grand children and grandchildren’s children. For the Rwandans that the ‘Agaciro’ the country’s dignity. To build our country.

These dialogues have given birth to several visions for Rwanda; from Vision 2020 to Vision 2050. See, I’m sure many countries have set these visons for the citizens, visions to see poverty reduction, visions to build better cities, better infrastructure among others. The question here is; How often do we go back to review these visions, see whether anything was achieved and where to problem is and what to change. Just like technology, I would assume priorities in visons change by the day. But what assurance do the citizens have that these initiatives will be followed up? See! That’s why Rwanda has got it right when it comes to implementation.

Let me brag a bit here; I have seen these goals set and achieved in a short period than estimated before. I have seen the people ask and receive. Get me well (Not in the bible) but from the leadership.

And to my fellow Africans; What excuse do you have?

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