Trump Won; The World is saying. What about Rwandans?

Trending on social media, a common topic in all media, a debate in pubs, a chat in bus, a subject for bloggers, an issue for political analysts, ‘Donald Trump won US Presidential Elections’.

Is it a matter for only US citizens or a worldwide concern? Undoubtedly, the world cares. Hours ago, the most searched phrase on Google might be ‘US Presidential election results’.

Trending is no longer ‘who’, but ‘what’ is expected?

I have reached out to different people to know what their views are, and of course they have got something to say about the current worth telling tale.

Jean Claude Hashakineza (Communications Researcher and Political Media Analyst).

Before results: “Elections in US is a matter for US citizens. Its outcome is hardly going to change the country’s politics towards the rest of the world. Whoever wins has to work within parameters of established politics and for the interest of Americans. That being said, they have been an increasing media stories portraying Donald Trump as a bigot, someone who mistreats people based on their ethnicity, religion and to some extent women... That looks scary… On a broad note, their legitimate concerns about elections these days. The less expected Brexit vote is a drastic and a turning point which not only changed the UK and EU but as well how we perceive elections and democracy globally. It wouldn’t be surprising if Trump is elected President of the US. People are less and less interested in politics and vote turnover has been so decreasing.”

After Results: “As I mentioned earlier, Brexit elections which not only changed the UK and EU but as well how we perceive elections and democracy globally has been a turning point. It wasn’t therefore that much surprising for Trump to win... Ordinary citizens are less and less interested in politics and vote turnover has been so decreasing especially in Western democracies...”

Claude Kabengera (Fulbright Humphrey Fellow, Journalist, TV host & Media Analyst)

“Hundreds of people stormed the streets all over the country and the White House to protest against Trump. It's a shocking surprise for many. It showed how media got things wrong and something is now broken in it! Political analysts got things wrong as well, making it the story of the history. Donald Trump showed surprising strength. I would say: Hillary Clinton would have, maybe, been a better choice for the Americans to lead, but also I think Donald Trump victory represents what the American people keep in their hearts but can't say. For me, it's America's repudiation of President Barack Obama and his entire administration. African leaders are smart enough to cooperate and build a great relationship with any leader Americans can choose.”

Albert Rudatsimburwa (Media Entrepreneur and Political Analyst)

“I already had the feeling that things would go the way it went. I think Donald Trump benefited from the Democrats’ inappropriate choice. Obviously, Hilary Clinton was not the best candidate for Democrats. Some of their supporters were not happy with her to the level that they couldn’t even turn out to vote. Regarding foreign affairs, If Trump is truly going to concentrate his efforts on Americans’ concerns, it will be breathtaking for some countries especially The Arab World.”

Winnie Muhumuza (Publisher, Chairperson for the Rwanda Children’s Book Forum/RCBF)

“Americans have decided, their president is Trump against all odds. I supported Hilary though am not so much into politics but I followed and I lost with her which is okay in campaigns. I can only have a problem if she lost because she is a woman.”

What is next? The world is watching.

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