Her reputation preceded her,
She was known to falter.
Her elastic temperament could not help her bounce back,
She was unable to endure this particular attack.

Compressing her chest with a downward thrust,
I pumped in the air so that she could last.
2017 was her best year lived,
But that was short-lived, for there I was bereaved.
So I let her transcend this earthly world,
And descend to the netherworld.

I sought solace in my religion,
Always sitting by the window with a view of a white pigeon.
And then she strutted in,
Held high was her chin.

At first, I paid no attention,
My mind was preoccupied, in another dimension.
She lay on my chest like a lapel,
It's safe to say that I was under a spell, like listening to a song by Adele.
She waltz through my life this individual,
The resemblance was uncanny like that of an old flame, Western Digital.

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