Meet Boniface Mwangi, a man I believe is the face of the real change that we want in Kenya.
Last week, I told you how we need a complete turnaround in this country and how we need to do away with the old guards -however young they may look- because they represent the old order.

Boniface is the guy who took to the streets to condemn greedy politicians from hiking their pay to become the highest paid in the world, got a thrashing for it but never gave up.
A policeman looks at caskets placed outside parliament by anti-corruption demonstrators. 

When the city government was harassing commercial motorbike riders, Mwangi was at it again. They beat the hell out of him but never crushed his spirit.

Boniface Mwangi with other activists on the streets.

The same Boniface will not wine and dine with any of the politicians because he knows they all represent what we are not in need of as a country.

Boniface with other demonstrators on the streets of Nairobi.

Boniface never shies from taking politicians heads on. He speaks his mind all the time and has facts to back whatever he gives as his side of the story.

He is not compromised and is not willing to dance to the old tunes.

The last time I met him, he was at the #PawaFestival concert where young people were meeting to show and celebrate talent. Mwangi led the pack by displaying and selling his book and encouraging youths from all over the country to talk to each other.

Mwangi has decided to take the next baton and get into leadership. He wants to become a member of parliament and stop an unnecessary pay increment, corruption and bad leadership from within.

Boniface with other people in a queue at voters registration center.

He promises to play his role in making meaningful legislations for the common good of all.

Boniface selling his political agenda to a maize roaster.

He wants to get there and do what others have refused to do.

Mwangi represents real change.

Change is coming!

Photo credits: facebook.com/BonifaceMwangiBM/ $STORITELLAH

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