The Untamed

my first feature of young change makers called the UNTAMED, we feature Beatrice, a young
woman passionate about transforming lives. It’s a challenge to all
of us to do good to humanity. I hope that through this, you will have
an idea to bring about change and be mentored in the process. It’s
the small things that count.

1) Tell us about yourself

My name is Beatrice Mwendwa. I am a born again 20 year old Christian and lover of true life. I am passionate, aggressive, honest, outspoken, soft but strong not forgetting patient and adventurous.
God is the centre of my life and I always want to ensure that all that I do here on earth is not vanity.
I love being authentic in every way. I try my best to ensure that all that I do for the love of God and people is done with a pure heart. I must also confess that am very sensitive and I thank God that He is walking me in it as a gift rather than just another emotion. Being outspoken and living an unashamed and confident life are also key attributes that make me who I am.

2) Why do you like helping people and how do you do it?

The Bible asks," How can you claim to love God whom you have not seen yet not love men whom you see?"We should avoid all forms of hypocrisy by being kind and generous. Helping others gives me a satisfaction. I encourage everyone to live for eternity. I do this through an organisation that I founded. It is called the ‘Candle of Hope’ where we impact others through visitation missions and creating time for the least among us. One word is enough to heal a broken spirit.

3) Tell us more about your organisation

Candle of Hope is a Christian driven charity organization which was started in 2014 by a group of friends right from high school and invitations of friends to friends. Our main objective is to reach out to our needy society with a mission statement of... "TRANSFORMING LIVES THROUGH THE LOVE OF CHRIST JESUS," for we believe that Christ is the primary focus in our lives.

Our core reach out zones are children homes, hospitals, prisons/correctional facilities, rehabilitation centres, persons with disabilities centres , the elderly, schools in marginalized areas(Slums and rural areas),mentally challenged, street families and not forgetting environmental and wildlife conservation activities among others.

We also seek to create platforms where we can create job opportunities for our people in diverse ways to curb the unemployment rate in our country.

We have not received any funding, sponsorship or any form of aid from any source but we have relied on our own pocket. I thank God for a good team, but we really look forward to receiving a helping hand in the near future for this will fasten and strength our steps.

We have experienced a number of challenges such as:  inadequacy of funds, lack of proper planning and budgeting, uncommitted members and inadequate research.

Despite the challenges, we are committed to getting stronger and we shall work on our weaknesses. We are looking forward to doing a number of activities for example having campaigns will be the most effective method for publicity (Creating awareness) to raise funds and make our mission spread far and wide.

It's with great honour that we shall see you in our next activities. To become a member, buy a t - shirt worth 1000 Kenyan shillings. We will be keeping you updated on the activities that we will be organizing much often and to reach out far and wide even beyond the borders our country.

4) What is your talent and how would you like to exploit it?

With a bubbly personality like mine I have had to think that I am capable of doing all things that involve speaking and just being out there. I have discovered that I am talented in creative writing, acting, public speaking and performing arts. I would like to exploit these gifts mostly by empowering people by word. By telling them the truths about what God says about their lives and make them believe that they are more than conquerors in Christ believe in themselves and know that there is nothing that can stop them from achieving what they set their hearts and minds to and Trust in God!

5) What is your take on God and spirituality?

I believe that our spirituality dictates a lot of things in our lives if not all, be keen to listen to your soul and let your spirit be awake and alive for God.

6) What are your hopes for the future?

I love business and entrepreneurship. I haven't really settled on what exactly I would love to specialise in but I am looking forward to start a company in the travel and hospitality industry and hopefully work with Kenya Tourism Board.

I also have a bigger vision for Candle of Hope. We want to transform at least 200,000  lives by the year 2030.We are also looking forward to create a centre that will act as a work shop and a performance centre  for the many unemployed people on the streets who have drowned in there disabilities yet they have immense ability if only they knew. Many Kenyans choose to belittle them and continue to cripple them by not empowering them nor encouraging them to do anything but instead give them a few coins or pass them leaving them the same. This also includes street families. A centre and hostel facilities will do us a great deal.

I would also like to get married and having a beautiful Family in the years to come.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to share!

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