The Trump Effect On Black Consciousness

So America has elected Donald Trump for president, a man who has offended Black people while fueling the flames of racism to reach a temperature that America hasn’t experienced in decades. What surprises most people but not me is that many Black people actually voted for him. So while some may call them dumb, Black Trump supporters are using their conscience, just not for an Afro-centric cause.

Among Black conservatives you have the evangelicals, the business professionals, and the racially disconnected. The Black evangelicals want to fit in with the larger group of evangelicals so they support things like anti-abortion and the protection of the nuclear family. The business professionals want to protect their financial interests from socialist ideologies. And the racially disconnected are trying their best to disassociate themselves from the “Black community” because of its stereotypes.

All three groups use their conscience for comfort and to further their causes so why aren’t they using it for the cause of Black unity? The reason is because Black cultures around the world and especially in America have been systematically destroyed and replaced by systems designed to limit our potential while training us to keep the wheels of religion and business rolling. This condition is evident by the fact that most Black people refuse understand what their conscience really is.

Conscience comes from the Spirit of the universe and is the thing that makes us hate seeing Black people acting like fools, killing one another, drug dependent, and complacent. Conscience is what makes Black people hate the condition we find ourselves in and want to change it. Conscience regulates the Desires generated by our Free Will to form Morals. Religion is the placement of a group of morals into the hands of a regulator known as a God.

Black Consciousness is our Conscience directing us toward a love of Race, culture, and AfRAkan origins. Once we learn to understand ourselves we will no longer need religions to function in society because you will function using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability. At such time it will be impossible for your conscience to become co-opted by someone like Donald Trump. 320ro


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