The Sun Shouldn't Have Shone

It was dark, it was cold, it was windy. 

For the first time the sun refused to shine, and we were afraid. 

This time it was darkest at dawn. 

It was a warning of the worst that was yet to come. We didn't know what to be afraid of but I tell you we were afraid. 

My blood went cold and the colour in my skin faded slowly as I waited, eyes affixed not wanting to miss a thing. 

This is how I wish I could describe that day, I wish we could say that we felt it coming; That the whole world stopped just to warn us, but it wasn't that way and the world continued to turn. 

Dusk to dawn and the sun continued to command. 

She was bright, burning with a new found energy as though it made no difference that he was gone from our lives.

Someone should have told the sun not to shine. Someone should have told her to dim her lights. 

Well, that's the thing about people like him, our brother, cousin, son, father, nephew Kwach.

He had that fire. You could see it in his eyes. 

He brought us light, a light we can't describe, one we can only liken to that of the sun.

It was a light that spoke for itself even when he was silent. 

It was the kind that wouldn't allow you to forget that no matter what you're going through, the sun is going to shine.

Behind that resentment for the sun that day we lost him, I know that I thank God for the sun. That same sun he placed in the one we lost; one of the few who could handle life with that fire without burning anything. 

I thank God for the sun because even when there are clouds, the silver lining will remind us of his smile. 

I thank God for the sun because not even the rain stops it from shining. 

We will remember you when it is sunny, when it rains and when it is cloudy.

When the darkness comes I will smile because I know we will be reunited soon like sun and day. 

I still think the sun shouldn't have shone that day, however I am endlessly grateful for it. 

RIP Kwach. 

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