The Story Behind the Shot

They say pictures are worth thousands of words,endless stories immortalized in print for the sake of those of who weren't present,for the sake of memory and for those of us who create these images,as a form of expression. So then what really is the story behind a picture,that one single image that is powerful enough to provoke thought.

As a creative photographer and lover of the fine arts,the story behind the picture lies more in the creative process taken to achieve it and here goes mine!

Most of my work is inspired by societal issues,things we see and assume,things we think about but really don't want to talk about,the things that affect us.Mine is always a bid to try repackage these issues as art,give them a voice and then let society judge for itself.

The first is always a random step that includes interaction with friends, the different people I come across,social media which has been a major source of inspiration  and of course society in itself as here I'm able to point out different ideas and their relation to the workings of the system.These ideas majorly abstract at the first phase help me carve out different workable concepts for the series I wish to shoot which then leads to the research phase where all the possible concept ideas are laid out,research work is done to see how it has been packaged before,how the idea is viewed by the target audience and how it can be repackaged as art in a more positive and thought provoking manner whie also being keen on the images main selling factor.That which gives it the wow factor. Through the research work I'm able to figure out what works best for whatever I want to do and also finally put up a concrete storyline and mood-board for the series to guide me through out the process. This always comes up as sketch works, notes and random images picked from the internet that may be of relation to the project.

Work then goes into figuring what will be needed either as a prop or a main subject,here is where color schemes are decided,costuming and prop-work also and this is done with the help of a team of designers,stylists and make up artists who also help in determining the kind of model subjects to use,any features to factor when selecting them and also how best to create through the combination of light,subject and props and thus a final set of guides is achieved for use during the shoot .Hard calls are then made to the select models and prop suppliers though some props are made personally,the concept is always discussed with the models mostly over coffee then another discussion of the mood-board which the models also help curate according to their own personal strengths and weaknesses and finally after days of planning a shoot date ,time and location is decided that is  relayed to the whole team.

Shoot date is finally here and this has to be one of the toughest moments for any creative,a lot goes on in mind on whether the team will show up on time,whether everything will work according to plan but at the end of each session most of us are always satisfied with the outcome although with some bits of dis-satisfaction here and there. After all the shoot nitty gritties then comes the hard part of post processing since this is one of the most challenging phases,the best shots are always pre-selected with the help of the whole team and safely backed up.With the original idea in mind and my best shots at hand ,all creative suites are launched and thus begins the long hours of ensuring all the works are edited to their best with just enough detail and emotion to tell you a story.

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