The Second Niger Bridge

Two men are sitting at the edge of the Niger bridge, one dressed in a blue kaftan and a Kufi hat and the other wearing the same kaftan but with a black fedora hat. They swing their feet synchronously to the sound of the Niger below.

Fedora: The burden on this bridge is way too much. Consider the number of communities that can only be connected through this bridge.

Kufi: Ehn, but is the bridge complaining?

Fedora: No, but the people are.

Kufi: The people complain about everything.

Fedora: We need a second Niger bridge.

Kufi: Of course, but it’s not a pressing need.

Fedora: Yes it is! Yes it is! Is it until the bridge crumbles under all that weight before something is done?

Kufi: Maybe.

Fedora: This is evil. Pure evil. If nothing is done for these people, I can foresee a lot of trouble coming.

Kufi: I’m sure history has proven we know how to handle such “trouble.”

The two men sit quietly. The man in the Fedora has stopped the small dance with his legs and is now leaning forward. Kufi hat still swings his legs to the sound of the Niger below.

Fedora: I have said enough. A word is enough for the wise.

Kufi: Uhun

Fedora: When these things begin to backfire, do not say I have not warned you.

Kufi: Ugh, cry me a river!

Fedora: Would you build the second Niger bridge over it?

*Apparently, construction work on the second Niger bridge began a year ago after long talks by the Ohaneze Youth council on the matter. The project was launched by President Buhari and photos have been released of the construction process. Whoop!

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