As cynical as this statement might sound, the truth entrenched in it cannot be carelessly jettisoned: you cannot separate a Nigerian politician from a Nigerian musician. Both are annoyingly similar in their exterior and interior complexities, suffer from a relentless case of chronic Logorrhea; blabbering inexorably about their meaningless one-sided prowess, with which they attack their Preys.

It may not be far from the truth, when one enunciates that the same bandwagon syndrome that holds sway among the musicians is also harbored among the politicians. This is clearly the reason why Nigeria still lags behind in its economy, growth, and overall development.

A cursory evaluation of what is obtainable in contemporary Nigeria made it obvious that, if the members of the house of senate and representatives could righteously abstain from the incorrigible senselessness of the incubus of political godfather-ancestor-thing, and then move forward to make things better, then, maybe things might begin to turn around for the better.

However, this therapeutic recommendation is almost impossible in the Nigerian political terrain. The reason for this uncontrollable menace is as a result of the fact that, any emerging politician first strives to enlist himself into the army of any of the cold-blooded political giants. As such, it becomes a tedious affair to sift out the capable candidates for political offices. As long as you remain faithful to your godfather and you have stolen enough money to finance your campaign and rig elections, you could be elected into political positions.

Therefore, what happens in the political industry, as regards genuflecting to some 'powers that be', is regrettably the same shamelessness that is paramount among the musicians, where the country's A-list artistes still strive to be noticed by their foreign counterparts. Good riddance!

My take is, the American hip-hop stars have played their own music, the Tinubu-Obasanjo dynasties have played their politics, and it is time for others to play theirs. It is not only Obasanjo that helped in developing the country. It is not only Tinubu that strove to balance the power cycle. Why should they alone decide the political fate of a nation of about 200million people? Because they can rig elections more?

It is high time other well-meaning players took charge of proceedings in the nation's polity. This development, if promulgated, would go a long way in abrogating the puerile predicament that the ancestors and godfathers pretenses have caused, and as such, maybe then, the Nigerian musicians would follow suit in that ground-breaking movement.

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