The Choices We Make 5

Hello Diary,

I truly missed you, as a lot happened to me today and no one was there to help me. I hope you did miss me because if you didn’t then I would be totally lost and alone, you are the only family I have left, the only one who understands me, who doesn’t judge me, who truly loves me for who I am. Thank you diary, for being very patient with me and not reporting me to the cops. For that I would tell you exactly who came knocking last night, it was the beautiful and every guy’s favourite, boyfriend snatcher and the number 1 slut, yes you guessed right. Stella came to my door last night, knocking like she owned the place. She had the effrontery to come to the house to ask me about Bode. I can’t even phantom it, she brought her two rickety crooked (well, to be honest) hot legs to the front of my doorsteps and opened her mouth to speak, I almost wished she didn’t. Almost wished she didn’t come over to my place in the first place, as I wanted her to be the last to suffer but now that’s too late.

She asked me where Bode was, I told her he and I were back together and that he had been staying in my place for almost a week now. I watched as a single tear fell from her eye, then slowly it trickled down her face. I almost felt pity for her but to be honest, it felt good to be in control, it felt good to make her suffer so I turned up the notch a bit and told her not to make much noise as he was sleeping after a very hot, long and very intimate sex. I cooked up a lot of stories of how he was rough with me during the sex, of how we kept on moving from one spot to the other, of how great he was in bed and how great his skills were, I even thanked her and told her he said that he was just with her to learn and get better at sex, so he could give me the greatest sex of my life. It was obvious she couldn’t take much more but I kept pushing, kept on demonstrating until she couldn’t take any more of it. It was so much fun, on the inside of me I screamed a loud YES!! Just then she made the biggest mistake of her life, she slapped me and insisted that she must see him. Oh! How I held myself from pulling her hair off her head. I believe somewhere on the inside of her, she still thought I was the same old cry cry Bimbo. What she did not know was that all they did only made me stronger and for the first time in forever I felt more powerful than I have ever been. Back to the story, I apologise as I got carried away. I took her to go see him but she wasn’t ready for what happened next as she walked into the room where I hid him. The whole room smelt of dried blood as he was covered with it from his head to his toe, and his mouth was still gagged. Let me divert a bit here diary, you remember the rabbit? Yes dear, the rabbit blood was all over him. Oh I told him, everyone that I kill, I would drain them of their blood and pour it on him, as the saying goes, ‘’the blood of the dead shall be upon the killer’’. He is the killer as he is the reason they are all going to die.

Back to reality diary, she ran towards him, shouting at him, obviously she was more stupid than she even looked or maybe just practically blind, because all that mattered to her was why he had sex with me, all she could say was, you lied to me! You deceived me! I couldn’t take no more of it, I immediately stabbed her neck with a syringe filled with cyanide poison and suddenly she got dizzy, holding her head, looking all confused, most importantly she could hardly breathe. I can’t believe it worked, I didn’t believe it when I found it on the internet, looking for it was like searching for Facebook. Something so powerful but yet so easy to access. In a matter of seconds she was dead because as you see a fatal dose for humans can be as low as 1.5 mg/kg body weight but I gave her double dose. I am too excited, I can’t believe it worked. She died just like that but the best part was watching Bode’s eyes beg for his life as I poured her blood over his head and kept on watching as it trickled down all over him to the floor.

One down, 6 more to go. One by one I would kill them all. I am saving Bode for the last, I can’t bring myself to killing him yet, and if I were superman then Bode will be my kryptonite. I don’t want to see him in pain but I want him to suffer. Trust me diary, there is a difference. Every time I pour their blood on him I always play our song, the one he used to sing for me just to get me to smile. It is a 60s song titled, ‘’Too weak to fight’’ by Clarence Carter. A beautiful song for a beautiful moment. Tonight again I watch him cry like a baby, he has giving up struggling but I have to go now diary, tomorrow is a very long day as it all begins tomorrow. Only God knows how tomorrow will go. I love you diary.

Good Night Diary.

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