The Africa We Want

Every year on May 25th, we mark, the Africa Day as a point of unity and strength across the continent. Africa is the beautiful continent that has always evolved through various seasons of turmoil and victories. Its diversity is its strength that can only ever grow when humanity, unity and dignity are at its forefront. 

"Unity will not make us rich, but it can at least make it difficult for Africa and the African peoples to be disregarded and humiliated.” ~ Mwalimu Juliis Nyerere.

To celebrate this day, here is an interesting painting that in some ways tells the story of Africa through the eyes of an artist, as explained below by Alex Kwizera (Kwiz-Era). 

"I have a dream on this AFRICA DAY.

It is of a child in deep sleep, with an afro so green that is of our nature and eco-friendliness.

It is now, she says.

That Africa is about to wake because young people are on the move, with a mission and slogan from our forefathers who are the freedom fighters, who did not die in vain.

I see Africa reclaim its rightful dimension on the globe.

Where our veins feed directly from these rivers of gold, with nature continuing to bless us as we grow more conscious of it and its resourcefulness. We then protect and defend it as well as the ideas that have been home bred.

I see us find our very own solutions to our own problems, communally as the folks before us once did.

A continent where the people are the resource and power— the very core of our growth in respect to all that is founded by this idea. This is as we integrate into a bond, stronger than before with priority from the lowest level of being, paving way for trade relations, cultural exchange and infrastructural partnerships.

I have seen failed measures as G.D.P stagnates, so old, dead and buried for some. Yet newer and better modules can be designed in consideration of humanity and development keeping in mind the African people as a priority interest. The sovereignty of every economy should fully be protected rather that depleted and robbed by other continents.

Imperialism with its evils and vices put down and a people so free and well informed because they have learnt of their history. 

They now exercise their freedoms in speech and expression such as the media and gender equality being uplifted.

A continent inspired by change.

Then we are in hammocks under money trees, planted by our effort and originality in what we consider wealth, together."


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