Tamiim Beauty: Dynamic Make-Up Artist Duo Taking The Industry By Storm

The make-up scene in Kigali until recently could have been summed up as an assortment of lipstick, foundation, and mascaras thrown about in shop drawers in town. But like many other things in Kigali, the scene has transformed, as make-up quality, affordability, and options continue to grow, led by Tamiim Beauty Service and its dynamic founders: Ivan Mugemanyi and Diane Ndamukunda. The duo arrived in Kigali two years ago with a bang, becoming an overnight sensation in the wedding market. Encouraged by their friends to branch out and explore their makeup talents in Kigali, the duo discovered in the summer of 2015, that makeup in Rwanda can be a lucrative and vibrant business venture.

Motivated by their initial experience, they returned from Brussels to Kigali for the December 2015 and the July 2016 wedding seasons. Ivan then dedicated seven months to scout the Rwandan market, while Diane led Tamiim’s operations in Brussels. Ivan researched opportunites and spoke with customers to learn what the Rwandan market was missing, and where could Tamiim position itself to add real value to the country’s makeup customers. The trial period involved providing makeup services for brides as well as customers seeking a weekend of pampering to celebrate a special occasion. Ivan also conducted workshops and lessons, in addition to provide services for photo shoots, to market Tamiim’s value and range of products.

Tamiim’s biggest achievement  to date is undeniably sponsoring the Week of Fashion – the city’s most prominent fashion event run by the CollectiveRw. Tamiim Beauty created the makeup look and served as the primary beauty service in charge, meaning that Ivan applied make-up to 35 models, presenters, and designers on his own. As a bourgeoning industry in Kigali, the Week of Fashion proved to be the ideal opportunity to market Tamiim to their target customers, demonstrating a new standard in the city, while laying the groundwork for broader aspirations.

While the make-up industry was foreign to Ivan and Diane just 5 years ago,  their growing success shows that pursuing your passion, can put you on a promising trajectory. Ivan graduated in Translation and Diane in Public Relations in Belgium, they both  sought out professional training in makeup soon after. They then worked for MAC Cosmetics and founded Tamiim after realizing that the established industry brands were not reaching out to a wider customer base.  Two years later, the duo’s motivation, hardwork, and sense of adventure, has seen them establish their beauty services business in two countries. Tamiim will be expanding, both in Rwanda and in Belgium, into an all-inclusive beauty salon with services ranging from hair styling, nails, and make-up. Therefore Ivan should be back soon to fully establish Tamiim’s second branch in Kigali.

I am really looking forward to see how Tamiim continues to grow and transform the make-up and beauty scene in Brussels and Kigali! With company’s such as Tamiim establishing themselves in Rwanda, 2017 sounds exciting already.

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