Tale of a Consultant

I have spent years of my life moving from one business to the other. I consider myself a very passionate person and it is "normal" for me to set huge goals. But I have one concern; I lose steam somewhere in the middle of projects and move on to something else. 

Since I am my own "Lab Rat", I think this is because I get interested in many different things within a short cluster in time. The saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none" has sometimes scared the living soul out of me but then again I don't "let" that soul escape... 

So, now [for now] I consult as a human capital developer. My business and I help build individuals and their businesses. Some of my kind call themselves "Life Coaches". I find that tag difficult to use because I don't know if anyone is qualified enough to actually coach another in the business of life. 

My dream is to build one of the most relevant human capacity development consults in Nigeria within the next eight year. Will it happen? I hope it does. If you would follow me on this thread, I will update you on the progress I make. 

Want to get in touch with me? Try, yusuf@leingeconsults.com. My website is www.leingeconsults.com

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