Sweet Sweet Nairobi (the appreciation project)

Sweet Sweet Nairobi

Yes I have searched, but not yet found,

a beauty such as her's to behold.

Her tall buildings, magnificent structures,

her beautiful streets; colors beyond wonder.

Insects of the universe;

families, filled with smiles each day,

as they all lay and thrive upon her bosom.

She sings to me oh so beautiful,

a louder and clearer tune.

I try to doubt her but she will not let me;

What a tag-of-war kinda love this is.

The sun might set but my love will remain,

 those that doubt her beauty will be put to shame.

I can't help but watch in the night

as her magnificent bright sparks come out to play..

(note to self ) 'She's a wild one this one'

Nairobi sweet Nairobi;

The East and West,

they do not know her like I do

Perhaps they never will

But who are they to judge..

She will always be mine and I will be her's.

Her beautiful colors,

our adventures together,

shall remain engraved in my heart,

Always and Forever.

So hear me world,

hear me loud and clear;

You can take this girl out of Nairobi,

but you will never take Nairobi out of her.

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