Survival of the Fittest Foolishness

I find it fascinating and appalling just how much we have chosen to live in a dog eat dog world especially in the “corporate” world. It’s survival of the fittest. Everyone wants to outshine, outdo, back-stab the other, steal their clients, ideas, sales… the list is endless. My question is, to what end?

I like to observe a lot and some of the things I see and experience in offices honestly just angers and irritates me. So there are actually people who single out someone and decide to make their life in the office difficult? As in you wake up every day and plot how you’re going to sabotage, backstab, outdo someone or how you’ll suck up to the bosses to look more relevant? You actually spend time and energy on that? Here is an idea… how about you use that time and energy to work more? Maybe?

It’s funny how employees think that by doing underhanded things or talking a lot without really saying anything of value, they will get promotions, recognition and bonuses. In some cases they actually do get those things. But where’s the dignity in that? Where’s the integrity in that? I mean, how you will tell people that you got a promotion by doing things in the dark and hiding it from your teammates? Or how you got it by stealing someone’s idea and running with it? Or how you waited to take credit for a juniors work? Report written by…. And you know very well you wrote nothing. How do you sleep at night? The lightning that will strike you… Just kidding. But seriously, how do you? Why not get rewarded because you simply did a good job?

Yes, people will say that’s how it is in the real world. You don’t get credit when you’re a junior. That’s how it has always been so that’s how it should always be. You just joined the company the other day so you have no say in anything. That needs to change! We’re so comfortable with how things have been and are that we don’t want to make anything better. Give credit where it’s due. Don’t feel threatened by someone who has better and greater ideas than you do simply because they are juniors. That’s what we call low self-esteem and pride to some extent. You’re not better than others just because you’ve been in the company longer.

People want to feel and be in charge of everything (even when they know they probably won’t do a good job at it), all in the name of being seen. Is that really all you want to achieve in life? So at the end of it all you’ll say what? “I did a lot for my company.” Will that company even appreciate, respect or reward you after all your efforts? I have no issue with someone putting in effort and hard work. But not when they’re being dishonest, selfish and devious while they’re at it. Where will it get you?

When you always have something to say or you always want to do things your way only… that’s when people really don’t want to associate with you or work with you. Outside, they’re being courteous but on the inside just picture what they think. But please, don’t let lil’ old me stop you. A friend of mine shared this African proverb just yesterday.

A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything.

This dog eat dog, survival of the fittest mentality really is a rubbish mentality. Who told you that there’s no room for everyone? Why are you living in fear of losing your job when you’re honestly working hard? Why do you feel the need to prove yourself at the expense of others, to people who don’t value you? You do realize that you can be fired or your contract may not be renewed even though you’re doing a great job right? Ask me, I know. What will you say then? I worked hard and was loyal and they still fired me? Well… yes. It’s called business. And if it’s not your business, you don’t make decisions.

It’s saddening and sickening what people do to each other in this “corporate” world. Fighting for the bread crumbs that are thrown your way when the big dogs at the end of the day will always get the huge cut from it. I wonder what they think when they observe their employees clambering around. A wise man once said that your employee will never pay you your worth. So then, why sell your soul?

It’s time for our mindsets to change and for us to do things differently. Foolishness is really not a good look on us as “corporates” or even human beings.

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