Struggles of the Nigerian youth

Young undergraduates

Heavily armed with textbooks and knowledge, But with no money in their purses,

Battling with hunger, fear of failure and life's deadly forces,

And overcoming the most difficult of courses,

Still have to face the challenges of strike and all they can do is conjure curses,

At Government and associations alike who think about only themselves and not the students losses.

Young Graduates,

Expected leaders of tomorrow,

Atlast time flies and they are called to serve,

Beagle blarring,

Soldiers taunting,

Fresh graduates kitted in their all white attire like white fowls,

All sweating like Christmas goats,

Under the sun and in the rain,

The light skinned have gone dark,

And the dark become shadows,

The fat become become slim,

And  the slim become scare crows,

A great and wealthy nation,

With corp members receiving meager allowances and expected to survive.

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