The Tales Of Unemployment

  • Tales of unemployment.

    Every student feels so fulfilled and satisfied after graduating from school. This satisfaction is based on what they have achieved to enter the world of work .they look forward to facing but the sad reality is the graduate unemployment rate in most African countries Ghana my beloved country is no exception . The reality set in as I sat at my desk as a graduate intern hoping to be employed.

    My  tales started two years ago as I completed my beloved school Ghana Institute of Journalism . I was so proud and hopeful of myself in getting a job. Obviously I had no idea what was install for me. As  I sat at the Desk as a graduate intern hoping and dreaming to be employed. I look back and realize I should done my underground work well .Two years on this soul crushing moment of searching for a job .How many interviews have I not attended .My heart just breaks each time my confidence just went out the window due to this soul crushing process . I see a company and I say this is just the right place to start my career unfortunately I am later disappointed in fact that is why I am sharing my experience on this platform. In fact will never wish anyone to experience this. I have siblings I also want help to lift that financial burden from my parents.

    Unfortunately this situation has not allowed me to do so although I try in my own way with my widows mite

    I sit in unbearable pain with thoughts going through my mind  .Thinking of opportunities I had in school I could maximize in school that could have led to my employment.

    Although this situation is very frustrating , I would like to know is this unemployment rate happening in other African countries ?

    But I now have the hope that the future is bright and I will conquer  . Now the clear trend is entrepreneurship with we will conquer and move to higher heights.



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