Accoutability in Africa the sad story

One thing saddens my heart about my beloved continent on how especially developmental projects go unaccounted for .After nicely commissioning the project they tend not to properly monitor those involved in the project that is the reason why most african countries are short-changed when it comes to projects . Sadly this projects are poorly done and a such do not last long and my question is for how many times are we going to be taken advantage of this way.

The newly constructed kwame Nkrumah circle interchange 

What has already started on the interchange roads with holes developing on it .

With situations like this I wonder our various African governments are serious when it comes to infrastructural developments in our countrit's. As shown in the pictures above what is happening on our newly constructed barely a year in Ghana.

This unfortunate situation happened in kenya as well where a newly constructed bridge as well .This is the time we need to hold our leaders and this contruction firms accountable. We can't afford to let monies used for contruction works go waste .we do not just need projects but ones that will last .Africans cannot afford to be short-changed again.

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