Spoken Word Rwanda; last Wednesday (Love in Kigali)


Dear Friend,

There is something I've been meaning to tell you.

I want you to know that I am here for you, my friend;

I am here to console you and comfort you;

I am here to make you smile and make you laugh;

I am here to make you busy and make you forget;

I am here to wipe your tears and make your cheeks dry again;

I am here for you, always.

When skies, clouds, the sun and the wind come crashing on you,

I will steal you away into the world of music and fun for you to forget;

When the darkness and the moon send a chill that makes your bones rigid,

I will bring back light to life and wake you from up your cold thrilling nightmares;

When the seas and waters try to drown you,

I will rescue you and teach you how to swim;

When the day is tiring and upsetting,

I will be your amusement;

When you are desperate to be alone,

I will send the soothing air breeze into your lone quiet atmosphere;

And when you get so frightened to walk the holy path,

I will be your adviser, your confidant and maybe your confidant.

You need companionship in the wars that go on in your life;

So, I’ll stand by you;

I’ll stand by you while you fight off the demons that live inside you;

I’ll stand by you while you battle the evil magnetic wonders of the earth that lead to destruction;

I’ll stand by you when your enemies and battles outfight you;

I’ll stand by you if it causes your blood and friends to forsake you;

I’ll stand by you when the consequences of your failure are too extreme for you to handle;

I’ll stand by you.

It will be hard;

Fight might break between us;

Distance might separate us;

The future might build a huge mountain between us;

The mountain might be physical or spiritual;

But I don’t care about that now, do I?

And may God forbid for that to happen;

Because I will stand by you;

I don’t promise to be your lover;

But I’ll stand by you.

I’ll do that because;

When I look into the depths of your eyes,

All I see is me; sad and lonely;

When I glance crazy hair,

I understand that perfection is not your color, and same goes for me;

When I see the quick in and out movement of your chest,

I take in that sometimes you just can’t keep quiet anymore;

And all you wanna do is scream so loudly but without anyone hearing your troubled devastating cry;

When I watch you moving fast as if something is running after you,

I know that you are trying to disappear before you get noticed by anyone;

And it is sad when you attempt to talk to other people;

You always end up saying the wrong thing over and over;

You get so humiliated in your eyes that you look around to see whether anyone has noticed your shame;

And then you run away quickly;

I have noticed for sometime now;

It has happened to me too;

Therefore I know how it feels like.

I know that desperate longing hunger;

I know that empty feeling in your stomach even after you have eaten a full plate;

I know those frustration tears that make you ask God why with anger;

I know that feeling of your heart banging up in your chest as if it’s about to explode;

I know, o darling I know.

Now please embrace me;

Do not push me away

It took some great courage;

‘Cause, I have never told that to anyone but you, my dearest best friend.

Reference: manzimbaya.com

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