Food is, insert any appropriate quote here.

That's exactly what I thought, food is the GOAT, it fuels us humans, and can be quite the motivator, directly or indirectly

That being said, it is only right that as Social Media Week Lagos progressed, Adedeji and myself went about trying to find out the best spots to eat, best here meaning closest to the event site, cheap and finally how palatable the food is. Note that in this case we aren’t even asking that the food be tasty, gourmet level stuff, just basically edible and guaranteed to not cause gastro intestinal wahala.

With this obviously not lofty goal in mind, we decided to get on the road with the plan.

Our first port of call was recommended by one of the guards and was practically opposite the event center where SMW Lagos was convened. No signs or inscriptions were needed as the tell tale signs of commercial culinary activities dominated the front of this edifice. I would like to assume that to the initiated, this place had a name probably along the lines of “Ya ko yo” translated as stop by and get filled up or another name that basically identified the matron of the establishment. However, for the sake of this story, and because Adedeji and myself were uninitiated in the ways of this particular ‘buka’ I would refer to her establishment as BlackGate, primarily because the building had a black gate in front.

stepping into 'BlackGate' like

Adedeji took it upon himself to taste the food and give his verdict. BlackGate failed, the young man couldn’t get past two swallows of amala. Food was really cheap though, but I guess there’s a threshold for these things

The Amala had no soul

And so we went on to HardRock Café, just beside the LandMark Event Centre, great ambience, great everything and tumblers that can pass as gym weights. Adedeji Ahmed swears that the beer here tasted better than any he’s had elsewhere, I make a mental note to ask if Nigerian Breweries sell a different stock of beer to upscale places like these.

Maybe this is what got Ahmed pumped about their beer?

We saw their prices and decided we weren’t that hungry, just yet.

evidently, I'm still hungry

Wednesday at SMW Lagos had a food component to it, and seeing as we were wondering what took them this long (seeing as it was Wednesday) our taste buds were out in full force, see how we got down on them munchables

We were thankful for this bit of goodness though

That being said for an event that spans the whole day over the course of five days, we really wish food court and food trucks were a daily occurrence on the premises in addition to the never ending supply of coffee seeing as the closest place was either too highly priced (HardRock Café) or had food that just wouldn’t go down(Blackgate) probably because it's own prices were already rock bottom 

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