Slow Down ....

Dear Mother,

Recognize me? Never mind….

I am writing this to remind you of your duties as a mother

I bet you don’t even remember your kids’s names!

See, that girl lying over there… She is yours

And that boy sniffing glue hidden under his T-Shirt….He is yours too

As ironic as it sounds, I am trying to shine a light on your most forgotten sons/daughters.

Truth is, if they had a choice over their lives, they wouldn’t have chosen this one

But that choice is/has always been yours, their mother

I am not afraid to blame it on you

You could have done something, you still can

You always ignore their presence everyday when you pass by them

You always have some important affairs to handle, right?

Slow down a bit, these kids need your help/support Rwanda. They are yours too.

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