Slaying with Beyonce, Tom Ford, and Other People I Plan to Meet in 2017

I don't do New Year's resolutions. That's old news. But, I do make plans to meet or reconnect face to face with certain people every year, and many times I get about a 30-40% hit rate. Well, same plan this year, but upping the ante on the hit rate to closer to 50%. Here are my top ten in no particular order (with corresponding likelihood percentage):

1. Chimamanda Adichie (meet - 55%, hey I know people who know people...who may know people, or claim they know people. Whatever.)
2. Tom Ford (meet - 0.00001% but I can dream. This guy. I mean...he has meat eating, truck driving, kick boxing, cave dwelling, knuckle dragging dudes crushing on him. I need to know his secret formula. And yes, I am a cave dweller. Geared up in...cue JayZ w Timbaland beat...Tom Ford. Well ok not right now maybe later when I can afford...cue JayZ w Timbaland beat...Tom Ford.)
3. Barack Obama (meet - 35% now that he's a bloody civilian, he can hang with fellow funkdafied-name black dudes without getting trolled by crazy billionaires with their fingers on Twitter and nuke launch buttons)
4. Steve Pamon (reconnect - 80%. Too much time has passed since I hung out with this sensei. Must happen.)
5. Beyoncé (meet/reconnect - 0.00021% aka fat chance you're not worthy but it could happen...I mean I was the PM for Destiny's Child at Sony Music, before Sasha Fierce and Slay Mode. Actually bump that to 0.0095%...much better odds now that I think about it.)
6. Fred Swaniker (reconnect - 100% because he is the man. If you didn't know, now you know. Look him up.)
7. Funke Opeke (meet - 60% there are unicorns, and then there are unicorn fairy godmothers. Acquiring fairy dust from this woman is on my bucket list)
8. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda (meet - 50.01% you been to Kigali or Rwanda lately? You want to look this man in the eye and say, "Sir, you are awesomeness.)

9. Rita Dominic (meet - 60% one of Africa's baddest thespians. And an approved crush by The Chief. I think. I might need to re-verify that. You don't get many of to jump on it before permission is revoked.)
10. Kerry Washington (meet - 16.3% come on now...she is married to an Igbo man, that's gangster. Kids are named Amarachi and Kelechi. Gangster. And her performances? Gangster.)

Who are your top ten?

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