I remember asking my Geography teacher the first and only question in one of my Geography classes in senior secondary school... 'Why don't we experience winter in Africa?'

As a growing child, I have always read books and seen movies about how people living in Temperate regions experience seasons like the winter and I longed to experience one. I did experience it! Yes! I did in one of my awesome dreams.

One very cold afternoon, after I was done with my routine chores in the house. I laid down to have my head relaxed a bit and sleep came... My dreams appear complicated most of the time, so I do not always tell a concise piece of my dreams most times. Some scenes would always skip my memory when I feel I should re-call them when awake.

I loved this one because it occurred in 'the winter' that I dire to experience... I was in a little cottage standing just beside a window which was opened to an outside street and my eyes were fixed to the snows that drizzled down like the showers of rain... I smiled when I saw it.

 I carefully watched the birds of the air flap their colourful wings repeatedly, soaring high-up in the sky and descending on some spots to find solace, very hairy dogs bathing themselves back and forth in the avalanche of snow... I also watched some cattle graze at the other side of the street... Could I have thought of anything else as amazing as this? I wondered... The activities of these creatures baffled and baffled me alot. I didn't fail to get my eyes off them.

I noticed how one of the beautiful birds fell to the ground in a heap of snow at the other side of the street where the cattle grazed. The bird struggled to get out of the snow to meet it's peers up in the sky as it was already slightly immersed in the heap of snow. At some point, I felt the bird had started feeling so cold in the snow it was trapped into, I was touched...

As the cattle grazed, one of them dropped it's dung on the same spot the the beautiful bird had been trapped in. What a priceless help this cow had rendered to the beautiful bird, I thought to myself. It's dung will keep her warm in the cold snow.

Knowing how frightened birds can be for any slightest move anything makes towards them, she began to chirp loudly... one of the hairy dogs playing in the snow got attracted to the sound and came close to her, dug her up and ate her. She was short-lived.

I felt a slight touch on my arm. I opened my eyes and saw my sister lying beside me... Why are you crying? She asked.

Lesson:  Some actions we take in life, we take them for a reason. One of the cattle dropped it's dung to ease itself but didn't know it was warm enough to keep the beautiful bird from the cold snow.

If the bird had remained calm under the warmth of the dung, the hairy dog wouldn't have heard her and she wouldn't have been eaten up. Some words are better left silent than being spoken, silence heals sometimes. 

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