It kills me knowing how much she takes, how much she suffers, coming back the other day i could see the sadness in her eyes. I know I’m going to be great, i hear her say, yet when i think about the future i get scared.The other night i could hear them arguing , i had been used to it, what was the difference this time he had hit her, she didn’t want to partake in any sexual ordeals  with him,  i could hear her screams between her sniffles.

I didn’t react, I just stood there, was that normal? , wanting to run inside and hit him and lay my hands on his throat ,i just stood there. Her struggles  had begun the day she met him , he had let her handle all the affairs concerning the home ,he just sat down and got drunk coming late at night you could smell the alcohol oozing from him.

She goes to church every Sunday like the typical African mother ,putting up a front for them ,she was strong ,she didn’t want their pity, every time they asked about him, “he is away “, she will often say but for how long could she keep it up .

She made up her mind to make them all suffer ,every male that had thrown their affection towards her, she liked watching them suffer ,watching them beg , the God-like feeling she had long craved for , there was one she thought she loved or so she thought.

He was different , but to her, he was her world , but it turns out  she really loved him for his physical things he did with her, their first kiss how could she forget the way he grabbed her shoulders and bit her neck , it sent shrives down to her spine , she felt helpless , but with the thought of her husband  finding out she only craved it even more.

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