She Is

Hi Mummy,

You did not come for the wedding. You did not allow anybody to come. Did Daddy influence you; does a mother forsake her child for any man or god? My rented family made me cry, they held my hands and held the ground, they touched my heart and kissed my face, we all danced together, they formed a human ring around me. It was a spiritual experience, for the first time I discovered humanity is one, they are my family, these are my own people. They stood with me and made me glad, paying them regardless. There was no gap.

 I know it is because she does not believe in or practice our religion. We love each other and allow each other to be. Her god is in her heart, she is a good lady, she makes me happy and purposeful, she inspires me and ignites my powers only encouraging me to pursue the good. I wake up to bliss and joy each morning, if one needs to change my life to meet the needs of a god, then this god must be evil mummy, I will not edit this life for a god, if this god wants to take away this joy, I will burn him, I will die fighting him. Does this your god exist, who must separate people and put enmity in their hearts while they all claim to do all for him? Or is this your god your creation and this religion a tool for personal ends? Is it a play of will and ego?  But you raised me; you are full of love and life, you are a kind soul. Did you love me because I belonged to you and our people, how are we going to live when others are seen as those people and I choose to be with them?

She is an energy healer mummy; I know you were confused about us. She has expanded my consciousness about life, the way I feel, think, what I eat, the relationship between my body and my environment, it feels like I have a personal god I know, or it feels am a part of a god or a god is part of me. She has torn me away from my former self, I am rarely ill. We deeply love each other, we complete each other’s thoughts and ideas, we are always thinking about each other at the same instant, mummy if you ever loved me, forgive me, I love this woman. When I am with her I conquer all fears and needs. Mummy, I am very happy.

We are five months pregnant, we are going to have a girl mummy, am going to be a father, your boy is going to be a father, how does that sound? Will you come mother, will you meet my baby girl, will you carry her in your hands and pray for her, please mummy, come, she is innocent, she has no god or religion. Do this for me and we may never see again. My wife and I love you and we have nothing against you whatsoever. I long to see you, mummy I long to kiss your face as I used to. I want your embrace mummy.

Lots of love.

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