Ode to the Daily Grind

Lagos, a cauldron simmering with nascent hopes and trampled dreams is not for the faint-hearted. 

Boys and girls, no matter their station in life, are slicker than your average. 

Strangers are in abundance, camaraderie is scarce, familiarity unwelcome.

Yet, every day thousands make their way here. 

They will join the eternal hustle, all with the intention of sneaking up on Lady Luck someday. 

Some will find her. Most won't. 

For the favoured ones, a smorgasbord of possibilities and bounties awaits them. 

And the unfortunate majority? 

A pocketful of doubt and despair, their prize for gambling. 

Nevertheless, bewitched by the city's charm and hazy promise of better days, they remain. 

Praying, waiting, living.  

Motorcyclists waiting for passengers. Yaba, Lagos/ Shayera Dark

Kiosks. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
Motorised tricycles locally known as Keke Napep are one of the ways to get around town. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
Nigerians are a religious people. Places of worship are never far away. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
A mobile electronics shop atop a wheelbarrow. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
A mobile vegetable market. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
Rush hour traffic. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
Herbert Macauley road. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
Homebound. Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark
Prayer beads. Victoria Island, Lagos/Shayera Dark
Hawking is illegal in Lagos, but man must chop. Victoria Island/Shayera Dark
The Island's skyline as seen from Third Mainland Bridge. The bridge connects Lagos Mainland to the Island/Shayera Dark

Lead Photo: Yaba, Lagos/Shayera Dark

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