I am running, panting, sweating, he is going to catch up with me. I already hit my feet on a stone, everywhere is just dark. I don’t understand why my eyes isn’t adjusting to the darkness. It’s getting really tough running now. The sounds are weird, the air is humid and foggy. The ground is mashed up in dung, I am tired, famished, and restless, this is the end. Like that isn’t bad enough these steps behind me are getting closer. Footstep…

Twisting and turning in bed.

Suddenly, I am on stage, a large crowd screaming and praising me, I was on a roll, dropping rap bars. I was big with large biceps. I was wearing big brown boots and distressed baggy jeans, a red bandana tied to my head.

I could hear go Rapstud, go Rapstud. It was all blurry by the way, so I tried to focus because well, this is good, I need to get this on tape. I am a star, then, blank...

You see dreams are good, they help us live the future whether it would happen or not, relive what we had done in the past, whether it is still valid or not. In fact, they can help us grow contents on  simple ideas. In truth, you cannot dream beyond your thoughts.

The truth is, the whole world believe a lot in dreams, we use it in our songs, plantashun boiz sang ‘my father used to tell me that dreams come through...’ We use it in our speeches, ‘Martin Luther king Junior said, ‘I have a dream!’

Isaac Newton had a dream, Wright brothers had a dream too.

The difference between the rest of the world and Africa is that the rest of the world sleep, dream, wake up and act.

This is not the time for distorted dreams, we have done enough of that already. Our grandparents had a dream, our parents had a dream, we have a dream, our children have a dream, and their children have a dream. If we think there is a future that we still dream about, then we have failed to realize that we are at the future. There is no future other than this that we possess. At this point, the past is in an accurate position such that the future and the present align. There isn’t a future for Africa if we don’t wake up now. Our history would remain inaccurate as we fail to write ourselves. Our progressive future wouldn’t exist in nature.

There is virtually no urgency of necessity in our quest for independence of action.

You see, the white man developed at a time when development was a necessity. They needed technology to counter shortage of men, they needed advance medicine because they needed cure for diseases, if they don’t, who will? For us, we have wasted time dreaming about what we would do when the whole world have done and are still doing, we have reduced to purchasing.

My friend Kunle from Nigeria dreamt of becoming a shoe maker, but today he brings in shoes from china. He is making a lot of money and he lives well too. He says production in Nigeria is too difficult. Who would blame him? But that is the problem.

Femi who lives in South Africa on the other hand decided to become a tailor. He makes good clothes but he finds it difficult to convince his intended customers that he can make presentable made to measure shirts, made in Africa.

If Africa don’t use Africa to grow Africa instead of using Africa to abuse Africa, our dreams would eventually become as chattered as the diversity of our language and culture.

We need to organize our dreams, if we need to dream.

Personally, I think we don’t need these dreams anymore. We have had enough of them, now is the time to live the dreams. We can’t live this great African dream if we keep waiting for the world to come up with solutions for our challenges. They do not owe us anything. We owe ourselves the best honest representation. The only representation possible, usable, functional is representation by us, for us. We need to start telling our stories, celebrate any positive and tell the negative till we correct it, that is when dreams become meaningful.

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