Rwandan Venus

Have you ever met a myth that you have always dreamt of?

There is this  myth that I thought was just ashes of stories

Until one day kaboooom, there she was, walking towards me…..

Rwandan Venus

Living proof of God’s fine arts mastery

Flawless face, natural hair, no make-up,

Her smile was a mile wide

Curvy body in a remarkably long Kitenge dress

I bet she briefed God on her creation day

Her beauty eclipsed the sun

Would you have the guts to talk to a myth?

I honestly lacked courage that day…I freaked out

But wait, she approached to talk to me

I was playing a small digital piano

The sound seduced her

I was late for my class but classes would always be there, right?

So I continued to play as she sang gibberish to the melodies

Would you have what it takes to touch a myth?

I honestly couldn’t believe my ears

She sang like Satan

And I couldn’t help the sexiness of her voice/look

We had spent almost an hour alone

Then I realized it was getting darker in that small room

I knew I had to play softer chords

Melodies grew soul-stirring

I don’t remember how we found ourselves kissing

And kaboooom the headmistress was there, watching a minor-seminarian kissing 

her beloved future nun in the back of a chapel!

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