What Could it Be... Who Knows Why?

What could it be? .... Who Knows Why?

Even as I ask who knows Why, I hear the “Why” songs buzz in my ears.

“Why” sang Michael Jackson and his Nephews 3T..  “Why does Monday come Before Tuesday they sang.... “Why do I love you tell me Why?”, sang they.

“Why, Why, Why…Delilah”, crooned Tom Jones back in 1968.

Two love songs. Two different eras.  Two different orientations.  

One posing why in progressing towards love.  One posing why as love is unshackled.

Both songs posing the why Question all the same.

These songs have a touch of sentimentality and tons of emotion attached to them, don’t they?

Is why emotionally oriented? Other than seeking to rationalize does asking why venture to draw out the emotion behind it all?

Perhaps why might then demystify the emotions. Individual emotions. Emotional states that affect a group? Emotions that then possibly sweep over a Nation.

If why can do this, then wouldn’t he or she who knows why know what will solicit that passion? That emotion.

What if they did, know what?

Would they then touch the core of emotions?

Emotions that influence citizenry. Emotions that impact on citizenry. Emotions that endear all?

Would their knowing the why be their Foundation stone? Would their knowing why offer their Building Blocks? Would their knowing why be a tool in itself, or would they need to complement their understanding of why with a yet to be stated factor? A factor capable of invoking an emotive response, packed with endearing passion and activity from citizenry?

Who in leadership around you is invoking the why?

Who in Leadership in the political sphere?

Who in Leadership in the Socio-Economic sphere?

In the next 100 days or so will you feel, see and hear the concept inspired by and invoked by why?

Who Knows?

For indeed who knows why?

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