What Could it Be?....Should we not be asking?

Contemplation, contemplation, contemplation!

Just who is contemplating? 

 Is it you the ordinary Citizen who can barely afford your Bread and Butter, let alone afford your Maize-meal flour?

Is it you the residing citizen who,  thanks to the cost of living, are no longer resident, but are now homeless with no roof over your head , further to eviction at this point in time with the onset of the rainy season?

Is it you the Leader of an Organisation, Enterprise and/or Business that can barely afford to sustain your nominal payroll?

Could it just be you the politician who happens to be now out in the cold further to your defeat in the Party election primaries that took place in Kenya less than a month ago?

Could it be you the Politician who made it past the Party Election primaries with a less than convincing victory over your opponents, in the wake of a growing disconcerted electorate whose level of interest in Poll participation is seemingly increasing by the day, hour, minute and second?

Is it you who is running for Presidency or Governorship?

Is it you who wants to be a Senator or Member of Parliament?

Contemplation, contemplation, contemplation!

Just who is contemplating?

What does your contemplating entail?

What actionables have you?

Have you a solid, systematic well thought out course of action?

Just what could it be?

How will you ensure your contemplation yields positive results?

What is able to yield the outcome you yearn for?

If it is able to do so would it not be worth considering?

Would it not be worth engaging with?

 Should you not now be asking what could it be?

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