What could it Be?

Ever wondered if a shift in a Nation’s mindset is possible within a span of next to no time?

A shift in mindset that: not only offers a sense of goodwill and harmony; but also offers a sense of purpose for sustainable growth, for development and for enterprise.

What could it be that could just initiate and jump-start a sense of goodwill and harmony?

Goodwill and harmony, that could just lead to a myriad of opportunities and a sense of purpose?

Opportunities for those resident within and about East Africa.

Opportunities for those keen on East African Investment, including those who may have declared interest and possibly even been shunned?

Sounds idealistic, doesn’t it?

Sounds hard to attain, doesn’t it?

Especially since a nationwide election looms in the next 100 days or so.

What if I were to posture that it is attainable? Attainable and sustainable?

Attainable in next to no time?

Attainable once initiated?

Attainable and simple to implement and sustain?

What if I were to postulate that in line with the K.I.S.S. maxim, the concept offered would gain global commendation and be worthy of emulation?

What if I were to go so far as venturing to state that the impact and memorability of this Concept will offer a lifetime legacy?

Would this Concept and the accompanying processes accommodate, some of the key human needs and values?

Holistic values such as appreciation, the need for contribution and fundamental growth? 

Would this concept allow access to resources, be they human founded, or be they information based?

Would this Concept also financially empower a good number of those who so participate in it?

Perhaps as you read this, your thought process is awakened?

Perhaps you probably have a semblance of the concept forming in your mind-frame?

Just what could it be?

Perhaps when you next refer to aKoma, in days to come, you’ll get wind of the concept?

A concept ever so simple and ever so memorable that it will have you engaged and involved.

It’s often said a good listen is worth a million times more than a good talk…

Perhaps it’s time to actively listen?

Perhaps its time to actively listen as we ask…Just what could it be?

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