You gave up trying to seem like the most intelligent person in the room. You said the pressure of constantly having to come up with something witty or funny or provocative was exhausting, you wanted to spend more time listening than talking.

That awkward moment of silence has always been the bane of your existence. Letting nothing fill the space in conversation was really hard to do. 

So you challenged yourself to be more present, more comfortable with silence unless what you had to say was important, kind or true. 

Rather than take this new practice in strides, you thought grand gesture was the only way.

You managed one conversation.


They waited anxiously for the event to begin. Every single one of them had longed for this kind of space to exist. 

He had spent the last five months macking and swooning her. He’d budgeted his time, money and energy for this day. Today would be impressive, if that’s the last thing he did.

She had prayed, manifested, sent chants to whatever higher power was listening. Finally, the trip of a lifetime had come to fruition.


As the event progressed, the voices talking over each other got louder and louder. Not a minute to stop, listen, observe and internalize what was being shared. 

He combatted his nerves with reciting all the impressive things he had accomplished, the amazing places he had traveled to and all the aha moments he had accumulated because of his rich experiences. Not talking would mean not having control of the situation, what kind of man would he be?

Her stay was only two weeks long. The land was five times her lifetime but she had more to say than the history of the place. She could tell it more about itself than it could. 


They listened more than they talked because the magical moments were the silent parts of the conversation that allowed them to ponder even deeper. Later they would get satisfaction from the fact that understanding others makes them understand themselves better. 

He said and asked what was important and spent the rest of their date admiring her beauty, her laugh, the nuances that make her worth the pursuit.

She touched down and took a moment to breathe the air in, to take in the beautiful colors of the landscape, to listen to rich dialect that was circling around her. Silence was her companion.

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