The funniest Job Titles

Are you searching for a job? You may have asked someone: “Will you write my resume, please?” Well, there are professionals ready to do just that for you. With the right resume, you’ll land the reputable job of your dreams, and not one of the following hilarious jobs out there. Writingarmy is always welcome for new people and help you to get a job!


1: Fart Interpreter

2: Toenail ClippingSweeper

3: Mardi Gras Bead Counter

4: Spoiled Food Consultant

5: Underwear Technician

6: Cigarette Tester

7: Waterslide Tester

8: workingoneReptile Masseuse

9: Cellphone Shiner

10: Hamster AerobicsInstructor

You Can Be a WorkingProfessional

Don’t work one of these silly jobs. Go to a professional and ask them to write your resume. They’ll do it for you and you’ll be on your way tosuccess.

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