REfresh. REset.

Empty corridors – decked with plastic, hauntingly empty symbols of a joyous season.

No morning sounds, no birds trilling or singing here. It’s deathly quiet, and death is the thought you want farthest from your mind.  

There is something intensely eery about a quiet hospital. A place that is usually filled with people, trolleys, emotion, hubbub and constant activity.

Empty, quiet. Still.In one corner of a waiting room filled to the brim with empty seats, a nurse sets up for the day. Perhaps the only moment of solitude and peace before the daily frenetic pace sets in. For him, it’s a haven of peace and quiet in a job that is the antonym of such moments.

The quiet – unnerving  It turns out that a place that is not fulfilling its purpose takes on a disturbing new persona, one of desolation. One which even bits and bobs of tinsel cannot erase.   

I suppose every place or person needs a recharge point, a place of refreshing, downtime to clean out, be still, rest and reset. Perhaps the success we see around us is in fact a positive by-product of the unnaturally quiet moments.

In this New Year, take heart in the downtime, in the quiet-unnatural-empty-unfamiliar spaces that will be needed to fuel the year ahead. Uncomfortable, awkward, quiet – this is the period, the still moment your system needs in order to fully charge into the noise, productivity and mayhem that lie ahead.

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