The school experience

  What I thought was going to be a usual filming day turned out to be a great learning experience. My partners and I were called in to shot a documentary of a school in Kigali Rwanda. Arriving at the school we meet with the school principle, a very well principled lady by the way.. hehehe you get it principle principled anyway so she told us a little about herself and about the school.

  Having heard the mission, my partners and I were ready to give it our all for the principle to archive her and the schools goal so she then walked us around to see the school and meet the students.

  The first class we entered made our day. It looked like no other class you would find in an ordinary school. The line after line sitting method you find around an everyday school was history to this school, they sat in a circle with no chair lines behind them. The students, for a second I thought we walked into a teachers meeting, they all had ID’s swinging round their necks and wore T-shirts and jeans I mean remembering where we came from and our school days this blew our minds. This school was unique.

  The face on each student here was again not like those you would find in an ordinary everyday school, they loved school and looked forward to each class session. We sat in a class and watched how the students tackled different tasks, questions given to them by the teacher and the involvement of each student to the lesson going on amazed us.

  This filming took me through school again because we had to be part of each class and mehn it was a great experience.  The confidence and discipline of each student at this school made me think of what greatness we are missing in our everyday school. Each student had their time to present what was learnt and what they learnt in each lesson they had I mean if every school was like this school, Africa would be producing global giants.

  Not only did they study ordinary subjects, they had a great number of extracurricular activities like; Taekwondo, Kick ball, Dancing class and so much more.

  My day through this school was paid off. I loved each and every moment with or without pressing the record button. My partners and I are still filming at this school but we do appreciate the state and education environment they have developed for this place, the White dove girls school of Kigali a school every parent should have their daughters at.

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