Started as an ordinary day. Waking up thick and strong and waiting to see what this day had in store for us. The mood was fine, the weather! Never better. All was great and beautiful, then there came a mystical object in the sky, the skies turned white and down came the fast drop from this mysterious object. We all braced ourselves for impact and hit us it did. Our Strong black selves where no more but weak and soft, we watched as this slime that hit us unearthed the white predators we feared the most and dragged them down where it flowed. Little did we know that where the drop came from a Tsunami would follow.

 It came down in a split second and here we all drowned in this massive waves of water with thick foams bubbling over and over and just as the foams looked like they were clearing out more came. The feeling on our skin as if layers of skin where being burnt off each time this foam hit us I could hear voices in front of me and behind me screaming while the massive five headed creatures came down and hit us hard, rubbing and smashing us against each other, one creature from the left and another from the right each with five heads moving in circles on all my friends smashing and peeling off layers of skin. This day felt like it had lasted decades already and I was not seeing the end of it.

 Finally the tsunami started to stop and clear out and as the skies cleared I started to look around and all I could see is renewed friends of mine, all of us looked like a better version of what we were before our skins where pure and dark only that we could not stand we all laid down weak. One by one started to shout its over its over we are alive and free, but this screams didn't last forever the five headed creatures came back each with a white slimy substance on its heads and down it came hard again moving in circles around all of us leaving us burning in this substance and this is when I felt like the tsunami was better. The heat, the burning, I could feel my self crumble and loose my strength, I couldn't feel any energy in me, I felt I was never going to be able to stand again. This substance left us down, burnt and weak we all knew our days of standing tall where behind us.

 Laying down we had seen it all, what was next we all didn’t mind for we had lost hope. The skies cleared briefly and then came once again another mystical object. This time everything turned dark and on the mystical object blew out its heavy winds of hell, and this is when we all knew that we were going to be killed by Fahrenheit. I could feel myself absorb the white substance in me and we all started to harden to the ground and stuck on one another as if we where glued together.

 All of a sudden the winds of hell stopped and the skies cleared out. Then a loud voice came out and said. You are all good to go, your hair is relaxed now and you are ready for prom night. This is when we got to realize that we were victims of our master’s prom date. We had gotten relaxed.

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