It’s been Seven years now since I faced the biggest decision in my life. It all seemed a simple pick for many after Graduation to jump onto the employee boat, but my mind thought otherwise. Seeing all the opportunities sitting in front of you, simply waiting for you to just say yes and that was all it would take to have the designer’s dream job.

       My friends, my buddies all started signing contracts before having their graduation lunch. I found this moment difficult to watch as my friends easily fell into this path. Our graduation had major company players of the creative field in the country in attendance, and were all ready to sign up all the fresh creative minds. I walked up to the company representative of a company we all talked about and dreamt being part of. Many of my colleagues had already signed up and were all rejoicing with their family members. I stood in front of this smiling gentleman waiting for me to sign in my details and I froze. Here is where it all began.

       My gut turned me away from the gentleman and straight out of the room. My Father followed me out and said ‘’it’s fine, I saw that happening anyway’’. I didn’t take the employee’s boat, I decided to take my own canoe.

      Three years down the road there I was still pushing Idea after idea walking into corporate offices and having all my proposals denied. I felt like I wasn’t creative no more. Every evening I met with my old buddies all married and driving luxury cars, I could always hear a voice in the back of my mind saying ‘’that could have been you!’’ and as we drunk, on and on the topic was always brought up by one of them “How far with your business? How’s work going for you? We could use a hand back at work if you ever feel like signing up let us know, we got you’’. All of this and more said by my friends, and this is when it started hitting me that I was drowning in my own water.

       I thought back to how close I came to holding a great opportunity, but turned it down and this made me change my approach. I didn’t want to be or even look like a failure. I had to make things right and get up on my feet. I made the decision to move to my home country, a country my own family left to start a fresh.

       I learnt from my mistakes. I built up a company on the lessons I learnt from my unpaid teacher: experience. It’s been 4 years now and I’m not turning back, I’m shooting forward stronger than ever. The company I started is taking me places and my friends, they are now calling to sign up with me.

      Funny to say this, but my so called failure turned out to be my greatest success.


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