Blind Investments

Hi all, my name is money and I’m positively sure that all of you know me. I make people happy and I make others cry, I bring peace to some and to others I bring war and hate. Today I tell a tale of my experience In Africa.

Africa as a continent is superrich on its own, it’s beautiful here and there are many opportunities for investors that keep pouring in every second to spend me and make me. This lovely continent is blessed with minerals and so many natural resources that do make it a target for many countries with none. Trust me, I multiply here more than any bacteria does on this planet. I am loved so much in Africa pretty much like I’m loved in every other part of the world, but does Africa love itself like it loves me. Here is where it all goes wrong.

The investments start to get the African people blind. What they could be doing to have me is what they let others do for them and them, ending up having what’s left of me. The good that they have they give out blindly for less yet with more critical thinking and planning could have more of me for them made by them. The greed for me starts to pile up and makes most turn on each other, get corrupt and selfish blindly forgetting that there would have been better ways to have handled the Continents natural assets.

The African people with the envy of the other continents ways of life don’t think twice when it comes to spending me to have a taste of that life. The me they make, a high percentage of them takes and spends elsewhere but home (Africa). They adore the likes of huge cities and countries out there like Dubai, Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Bahamas and so many more this building those cities and leaving their own continent behind.

It’s crazy to know that Africa imports a lot of products that originally came from it. I mean take for example a country like Israel, once a desert but today exports a lot of vegetables among other things and has Africa as one of its biggest clients as if it isn’t fertile enough to grow its on, do you have to become a desert first for you to know what you have?. The fancy furniture’s the African people travel out there to buy yet this furniture’s are made of the same wood Africa gave out blindly. The coast lines and amusement parks they go visit and spend me forgetting Africa itself could be made a center of the most beautiful coast lines and amusement parks. Cities like Dubai could easily be built here if Africa only woke up, I mean oil built Dubai and oil is just a line on the many things on the list of what Africa has to build itself to a great Continent, but is blindly giving out and letting others benefit from it than it.

The hardship between countries in Africa, charging much of me just to travel within the continent to visit each other. The high fares on travel plans as if there is an ocean in between any African country to fly over, one would spend as much as it would take to fly across to another continent just flying to the neighboring country. SIGH. Wonder why they still need Visa’s while visiting themselves. All the me they make out of this hardness they still don’t reinvest in themselves they rush to own a villa somewhere in the Beverly hill.

I dislike the way I’m spent by the greedy African. If he only knew how to hold me better and spend me with his people and not send me away across the oceans he would have the whole of me and more of me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it in Africa only that I don’t get to stay there long because it’s like the other continents are holding Vacuums on here.

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