Abe Onche

Think of me again as a new creation

As the time of rebirth heralds itself

And as I contemplate the vast potentials

Of a new year, a new life

With each new day we are born again

As much as the sun’s face

Differs from one hour to the next

And perhaps we do not feel it

But the shadows of change

Are seen best at dawn and dusk

Rebirth is as real as we choose

We reason, recount, repent, resolve

To surpass our heroes, our ideals

The student who seeks mastery

To be a master of oneself

It is because we choose to see our fate

That we are able to make our destiny

So do not take lightly these moments of rebirth

Weigh well the life in your years, recount them

While it may seem we merely add numbers

To a journey toward the inevitable

That number is also a birth: moulded, tainted

Like the smoothest pottery or the stained glass

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